The Fuses

Elements called fuses are most commonly used to avoid a short circuit that may occur and occur in any electrical system. Its operation necessarily takes place from the fusion of the fuse element, inserted in its interior. This fuse element is a conductor having a small cross section, when exposed because of its high resistance, to a higher heating than the other conductors when the current enters.

It impinges on a wire connected in parallel with the fusible element and that will slowly release a spring that will act on a type of plate or button, or even a screw, which is found coupled generally corporal cap. The fuses have within them, completely enclosing the element, a kind of granulated extinguishing material.   Browning 2B5V74

The fuse element is essentially a blade or a wire, which may be of silver, tin, lead or alloy, nailed within a body, which is often porcelain, and must be sealed carefully . They need to contain an indicator, which can then be verified if the operation was actually performed.