Insulation Materials and Systems

Evaluating that the induction electric motor is a strong and simple construction machine, its durability can depend almost exclusively on the life of the insulation of the winding, which is compromised by numerous factors such as humidity, vibrations, corrosive environments and others.

When we talk about reducing engine durability, we do not refer to high temperatures, but when the insulation burns and the winding is suddenly damaged. The permanence of the insulation, in terms of working temperature, well below is able to burn the material, refers to the gradual aging of the insulation, which is becoming dry, losing the insulating action until it no longer supports the applied voltage and causes the short circuit.   4600 OLP

Of all the factors, the most respectable one is undoubtedly the temperature supported by the insulating materials used. An elevation that can change on average from 8 to 10 degrees above the thermal class limit of insulation temperature, can dramatically reduce winding durability by half. For a longer life of the electric motor it is advisable to use thermal sensors to protect the winding.