Insulating Elements in Motors

The main purpose of insulating materials is to control, direct, limit and prevent the flow of electrical currents in electric motors. They are responsible for acting in the obstacle of the current flow of a conductor, to earth or a lower potential, the insulation material also provide a mechanical support, being able to protect the conductor from degradation caused by the environment, as well as passing heat to the environment .

The connection of two or more insulating materials applied to an electrical equipment is called an insulation system and this combination in an electric motor is based on different factors, such as wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, insulation between phases, varnish or impregnation resin and the groove closure, cable bonding and welding insulation.  reelcraft A5800 EMP

Any material or component that does not spontaneously contact the coil does not make up the insulation system. Solids, liquids and gases are used in the insulation of electrical equipment, changing according to the needs of the system. The insulation systems intervene in the effective performance of the equipment directly, and in the quality of the insulation, to observe that its type influences in the weight, cost and durability of the same.