Installation Processes

In the process of installing the electric motors, some items must be checked, such as whether the nameplate data is in accordance with the proper use, proper assembly and alignment of the assembly, the motor drive system , taking into account that the engine speed can not exceed the maximum speed allowed.

It is also necessary to check the insulation resistance of the motor, the direction of rotation of the motor and the integrity of the junction box, which must be clean and dry. In the case of stored engines that have not been put into use or installed for two years or more, it is advisable to replace the bearings or even to remove them, then wash, inspect and re-lubricate before being used again. After performing the installation procedures, some factors must be checked prior to the initial start-up of the engine, even more so if the engine is not started immediately after installation.

In this installation process it is also necessary to check the connections in the motor and if they have been made properly, the operation of all the accessories installed in the motor and the conditions that are the bearings.