Correct Ventilation

In addition to having an efficient fan, the ventilation system of an electric motor, which must be designed correctly and must be capable of controlling a large volume of air and directing it so as to cover the entire surface of the housing, in the which will be the heat exchange.

It is no use having a large volume of air if it spreads without removing the heat from the engine and the area of ​​dissipation must be as large as possible. However, an engine that has a large carcass, to have a larger area, will consequently be heavier and more expensive, and occupy a larger space.

The total area of ​​dissipation analyzed should always be limited due to the need for proper projection of small and light electric motors. Consequently, they should be offset to the part, significantly elevating the area by means of cooling alerts fused together with the housing.           orc6sb goston gear

The heat caused by the losses inside an enclosed motor must be dissolved into the ambient air through the outer surface of the housing. In the case of closed motors, what happens is that this dissipation counts on the help of the fan, installed in the very axis of the motor.