Fuses are considered as the most used elements for protection against short circuits in electrical systems and their operation is based on the fusion of the fuse element, found inside. This element consists of a simple conductor of a small cross section, which in turn due to its high resistance passapor a higher heating than the other conductors in the passage of the current. reelcraft 82000OLS

The fuse element consists of a wire or blade, usually projected on materials such as tin, silver, lead or alloy, inserted into a closed porcelain body. It has an indicator, which has the function of allowing the verification whether it acted or not. It is a wire connected in parallel with the fuse element, which may release a kind of spring that acts on a platelet or screw, usually attached to the body cap.

The fuse can be found in different forms and depending on the nominal current of the fuse, it strikes one or more wires or blades in parallel with some sections of reduced section. In it, they may also contain a soldering point, in which the melting temperature will be much lower, compared to that of the element acting for long duration overloads.